Best Galaxy Tab 4 Android Kitkat 4.4.2 ROM

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a year old now and the company has slashed its prices by a lot. Along with slashed prices, it appears that company has also stopped its firmware development but fortunately XDA developers have developed custom ROMs for it that runs smoothly and without any bugs. Here is what is included in the ROM:

Best Galaxy Tab 4 Android Kitkat 4.4.2 ROM

SuperSU V2.49
Xposed installer – w/ few mods you can choose to use
adaway + ad blocking hosts file
INIT.D Support from boot (if other devs are interested I can upload the files)
Navigational bar
Viper4android audio mod
Google now launcher
Terminal emulator
Titanium backup – who doesn’t need that
ADB Insecure 
Google camera/calendar/news & weather/keyboard/ears
Sunbeam live wallpaper
Blue balls live wallpaper

#init.d scripts#
clean browser cache – each reboot
Sqlite database optimization – Vacuum script

##CM11 stuff##
BASH (CM Terminal mod)
Apollo music
CM wallpapers
CM file manager W/ Root option
Movie editor
Some CM11 sounds

Download Galaxy Tab 4 Android Kitkat 4.4.2 ROM

First download ROM to device (internal or external) – Download link 1, mirror
Reboot to custom recovery (TWRP) for Tab 4
Wipe cache / dalvik cache / data and system
Tnstall ROM zip – not needed but you can wipe cache and dalvik cache After install again
Reboot – boot time will take around 4-5 mins – everything is being set up.
Set up accounts / preferences / normal set up

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