Download CWM Custom Recovery for Vodafone Prime Tab 7

If you are looking to install custom recovery and root your Vodafone Prime Tab 7, this guide will be extremely useful to you. Carefully follow these instructions.

Download CWM Custom Recovery for Vodafone Prime Tab 7

Download this package first.

1. Install the usb drivers that come with the device, in /system/etc/USBDriver.iso. They are also in the download package, in USBDriver/. Run Setup.vbs.Also install SUGAR QCT_SP v11.1.2 Setup.exe from the download package.

2. Connect your device to your computer and boot it into EDL mode (enable usb debugging).
adb.exe reboot edl

3. Run SUGAR QCT_SP (use credentials from download package), select VF1400 device and click on the upgrade button. It will download the latest official firmware update into “C:\Program Files (x86)\SUGAR QCT_SP_Gotu2\bin\VF1400-2AVXXXX”. After the download is done and the flashing started, make a copy of the VF1400-2AVXXXX folder to your Desktop.

4. While the flashing is going on, we can start to modify out copy of VF1400-2AVXXXX. In it should be a folder, most likely called 1BEBFDB1 (version number of the update). Inside that folder should be the .mbn files we care about: B1BEB0B0CD00.mbn (boot image) and R1BEB0B0CD00.mbn (recovery image). Possibly they will be called differently, but I assume the boot image always starts with B and the recovery with R. You can check “C:\Program Files (x86)\SUGAR QCT_SP_Gotu2\tool\logs\Sugar_XXXXXXXX.log” to make sure which file is which. Replace B1BEB0B0CD00.mbn with boot.img from the download and R1BEB0B0CD00.mbn with recovery.img.

5. After the flash is done and the device rebooted, put it in edl mode again (after enabling usb debugging).
adb.exe reboot edl

6. Now, *before* we start SUGAR QCT_SP again, copy the VF1400-2AVXXXX into “C:\Program Files (x86)\SUGAR QCT_SP_Gotu2\bin”
7. Start SUGAR QCT_SP, select VF1400 device and hit upgrade.

Now download latest supersu from internet and flash it from recovery.

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