Download Dr Ketan Multi DPI ROM for Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a very high resolution display but Samsung has not provided a way to mess around with DPI but since XDA is there, we need fear about anything. Dr Ketan, an XDA user has churned out multi DPI ROM for the Galaxy Note 5.

Download Dr Ketan Multi DPI ROM for Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5 Dr Ketan Multi DPI ROM

Installation instructions

– Reboot device to galaxy note 5 custom recovery.  
– Select Wipe option – Factory reset
– Select Dr.Ketan ROM zip. Download n920i, n9208 or n920t ROM variants.
– This will start calculating md5, wait till it finish and match MD5 with download page of ROM. Once it match – select ‘yes’ to flash ROM.
– Now this will start AROMA wizard and you have to select stuff you requires.
– If you have selected Stock Kernel OR If you want to keep existing cusatom kernel then just reboot device and skip steps a and b said below.
– a.Once ROM flashing finish – DON’T REBOOT Device but again select to Install file
– b. Select Kernel file you have copied (If you are already on custom kernel, this step can be skipped)

ROM features

* 300 fonts enabled
* All Language enabled
* Multi DPI. (No S-view support)
* Ad Free (you can disable from Dr.Ketan Utility)
* Auto Call Recording * Auto call record included On/Off from Dr.Ketan utility
* Manual Call Record * ROM Control * Native call record
* Power Menu -5 Way Reboot mod with sound mode
* 22 Quick Panel Toggles (Floating Msg won’t work)
* CSC features * Separate app for CSC features
* All App Multi Window (optional in ROM Control)
* Camera Hack * Use camera with Flash at low battery + Camera shutter sound toggle
* Call/SMS block
* No Increasing ring tone. (Extra Settings* Other mods)
* Memory Clean option on expanded notification with switch (Extra setting-Memory Clean view) Also Color can be set. (Extra setting-Other Mods-color-Memory color
* Mute/Vibrate/Sound option in power menu.
* NFC hack with screen off (ROM Control)
* Appoops (permission manager) Settings-LockScreen and security * Application permission
* No call delay mode (preactivated)
* Center clock option (separate zip available in Add On later
* Advanced Messaging features

How to use virtual key

* Open Virtual key – Tap on Right/Left button to enable corresponding virtual keys. (long press to disable)
* To assign keys- scroll selected action from tab and tap on selected item to set (message will be displayed on successful assign)
* Now long press bottom corner of screen to perform selected (assigned) action.
* Each key have following options to assign

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