Paranoid Android 4.2.2 for Asus TF101

Paranoid Android is now available for the Asus TF101 tablet. The ROM brings Android 4.2.2 jelly bean operating system. The ROM is the first and only android ROM that runs in true hybrid mode, which means that applications and widgets are scaled appropriately and that makes most of the apps look and work better. Here are its features.

Paranoid Android 4.2.2 for Asus TF101

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (JDQ39).
Fast and Smooth.
Based on Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
Many customization
Hybrid Properties
Per-App Color which you can change the color of the navigation bar and status bar on each app you want.
HALO feature.
Per-App DPI which you can change the layout of an app to look Tablet, Phablet and Phone layout.
The latest KatKernel and K.A.T App by timduru.
Performance Control, which allows you to overclock your tablet and some tweaks had included. Its been ported from AOKP ROM.
Compiled with Linaro 4.7.4 toolchain with O3 optimizations for faster performance.
Trebuchet launcher to make the launcher in this ROM smooth. It had been set as a default launcher in the ROM. 
You can change DPI you want for display whether Phone UI, Tablet UI, Phablet UI. No mods needed to install.
Hybrid mode
Working SD Card Dock
Fully working Camera
HALO working on Tablet UI
PIE feature.
Privacy Guard feature from CyanogenMod
Always updated with latest sources
Working dock battery with special keys
USB Dock support.
Advanced Settings for more customization in this ROM.
Toolbar settings
SuperUser shortcut in the settings.

Here are the installation instructions.

1) Download the ROM and gapps (wifi model link | 3G model link | Gapps download link)
2) Put the ROM and gapps to your TF101
3) Reboot to the recovery
4) Make a backup
5) Wipe cache, dalvik cache, factory reset and system
6) Install the ROM and gapps
7) Reboot

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