Which is better – netbook or tablet?

Which is better for you – netbook or tablet? Both have come a long way. Netbook are small laptops that made their debut back in 2008 and in 2017, they are still going strong. Some like to call them as sub-notebooks while some call them mini laptops. For many, they are still ‘netbooks’ but they are more capable than what they used to be back in 2008. Tablets too have become immensely powerful. The first generation iPad, an Apple tablet made its debut in January 2010 and those tablets have come become super strong.

netbook vs tablet

A netbook runs on windows 10 operating system but there have been some that runs ChromeOS. These are powered by Google’s new operating system for cheap laptops and mainly targeted towards schools that want a cheap laptop with easy to use operating system. But if you are looking for application compatibility, you should stay clear with the windows powered netbook http://ordinateurfrance.com/meilleur-netbook/ as they run the same operating system as any laptop or desktop. So, all you have to do is copy the application on a USB flash drive and you will be good to go. Same cannot be said about Chromebooks as they run a completely different and younger OS and it does not run any windows application.

About tablets, they were quite weak in the beginning, especially the android tablets. But now, they are able to cope up with modern web standards, especially after the introduction of the Chrome web browser. If you are planning to use your tablet or netbook for productivity, Microsoft Office is available for both platforms – except for ChromeOS. However, for that, you can use Google Docs but since most of us are used to desktop version of Microsoft Office, netbooks are the best bet here. Also, the Android or iOS tablet versions of Microsoft Office lack many features that are found in desktop version that works without any problem on a netbook.

Tablets are much better for media consumption though as their processors and graphics card offer hardware acceleration for videos and let you watch full HD and even quad HD videos with ease. Netbooks are better on the CPU front offering standard compatibility and more raw performance. You can run desktop version of Photoshop easily on a modern day netbook with ease. Same cannot be said about the android or iOS tablet version whose photoshop version is nothing in comparison with the desktop counterpart.

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